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Lovers of rodent anthro artwork!
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Taking what I've learned in my previous journal
Silly nonsense journal just to test somethingJust a silly nonsense journal to test to see of non-premium members can now use stamps created by yourself or others in journals, as part of dA's recent changes.

Seems to work like a charm so now I'm wondering if I could make an art jam and use the same thumbs system that would otherwise require I'd have premium membership in order to show thumbs before. =D Been so wanting to do some sort of art jam like everyone else but due to monetary reasons I wasn't able to.

LAWL :iconfluttershyyayplz: Yay looks like I can use thumbs now! :iconlawooplz: :iconexcitedlaplz: :iconlachoirplz:
Okay well guess this nonsense journal isn't completely nonsense after all? :giggle:
/end test ;) We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.
Journal update... laksjflsajkflasjflsjaf Pfffff I'm trying to think up a cool art jam theme to use as my first ever.. and I'm hitting a dead end.. D:

I'm now officially declaring my first ever art jam open for the LuLz! :la:

For some of us here in the Northern US, Spring can't come soon enough, and same can be said for parts of Europe and Asia, so with that in mind, my first art jam theme will be "Spring Fling"

Premise, draw up your yourself, persona, fursona, original character or character fan-art thereof, and draw them having fun at under the sun either at Spring Break, which for many is currently underway or like moi Late Jill to the Party, is about to begin shortly, and or draw yourself, character, or fan-art having fun at the beach under the warm summer sun. Dress them in common beach gear, swim suits of any type, trunks, banana-hammocks if you so wish, for the hurrrs, and think about the warmth that will be on it's way as a means to fight off those winter blues! :la:

As with many art jams I've seen before, reply to this journal with your submission, and I will hot link via :-thumbnails-: them here for everyone to enjoy! :la: Basic dA rules and common sense applies here. If it's not post-able here on dA, even with Mature Content enabled, then it's Captain Obviously too NSFW for my art jam and dA, but other than that, draw your stuff as HOT as you wish.. The hotter the better! :iconisupercameplz:

You know.. becuz it'll help fight off them wintery blues all the better with, right? :iconhurrplz:

Art jam ends... I don't know.. this is my first.. let's say when I get tired of hot linking and need to come up with another journal.. but otherwise I'd reinstate the art jam after the more important stuff is over.. :giggle: If anything important comes up and I don't want to change journals, I'll just edit this top half but continue the art jam below! :la:

Let's get all hot and steamy y'all! :iconhurrplz:


Journal edit: I made a grave oversite not including works of fiction in my art jam. I know that not everyone is a graphical artisan, so to the writers amoung you out there, please forgive my faux pas? ^w^
Works of fiction will also be welcomed in my Spring Fling art jam! :la:


Here is the first entry into my Spring Fling art jam, a work of fiction by VanderCat

Tis a scampy little tail about Yuki the white mousie getting in over her head at the beach when she decides to ignore some cautionary signs, and pitch camp in a secluded section of a beach front closed to the public.. Closed for a good reason as you shall find out! :XD:

Spring Art Jam 2014: Fun in the BeachSpring Art Jam 2014: "Fun in the Beach"
By Vandercat
“I should never have come to this stupid beach, I'm gonna die!”  A buxom young mouse named Yuki moaned in desperation.  She was stuck at the beach, surrounded by a mass of beach-goers who had smothered her favorite spring vacation destination.  Despite all her efforts, she had not found a single spot with enough space to set her things down all morning.  
The shoreline was engulfed in a wave of tourists who were clogging the beach, littering it with their chairs, towels, coolers, and other junk which made it hard to maneuver.  It was so noisy that one couldn't even hear the ocean waves crashing onto the sand.  Yuki had been walking down the shore for some time, hauling her beach umbrella and towel along, hoping to get lucky.  Her snow-white fur was clad only in her blue sling bikini, which had been attracting a lot of unwanted attention.
Normally she wasn't quite opposed to a few staring

Here's an entry by 13foxywolf666. :la: Olaf really knows how to chill... *snow balled for awful pun* :XD:
So Much Cooler In Summer by 13foxywolf666
And here we have a bunch of obsessed fan girls waiting for their idol to come by and praise them on their choice of rockin swimwear. =D
Mok Fangirls at the Beach by 13foxywolf666

This entry is by Ardrich-Keybus Better bring your A-Game and some mean ball handling skills you guys... Things could get a little hot! :iconhurrplz:
Who's Up by Ardrich-Keybus

And here's my Spring Fling entry, Princess Daisy wearing some Dukes! :iconhurrhurrplz:
And next to it my more recent addition, Diana and I as NIMH rats wearing Dukes... Bcuz.. :iconhurrplz:
And now updated with the soft cell shaded version. Also Dat NIMH ratty ass!
Daisy Dukes by NezumiYukiThat Foxy Ratty by NezumiYukiNIMH by NezumiYuki
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  • Listening to: Mario kart sound tracks! =D
  • Reading: the web for a good GameCube emulate
  • Watching: Mario Kart on youtube
  • Playing: Mario Kart Double Dash =D
  • Eating: Red and Blue Koopa shells, and stars
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Name: Yuki Nezumi
Age: IDE.. Indeterminate in earth years.
Sex: Female
Occupation: Freelance Furry Manga ka, and NIMH witch.
Residence: Earth, Luna, Mars, Pluto, Eros, outer Oort cloud realm, and SOL in general.
Likes: Fellow furs, fur arts and anime.
Dislikes: Not having enough time to look up fur arts and anime.

About the Artist:

Requests status: Closed
Art Trades: Closed
Paid commissions: Closed for now until I can get myself squared away, set up a payment method, etc.

My fandoms are varied with a wide range of topics from classic American cartoons like Bugs Bunny, to classic and contemporary anime, as well as CGI animation like stuff from Pixar.

I draw mostly furs, specifically anything related to ecchi and mild hentai, but I've also been known to dabble in 3D arts as well, mirroring my tastes in all sorts of arts. My ultimate goal is to become proficient enough in the 3D realm to create 3D anthromorphs of my personage, original characters, as well as making some 3D furries for my close DA friends and DA family. ^ ^

Be careful if you decided to watch me for any particular subject, like say MLP themed arts or NIMH, or American Tail, or Great Mouse Detective, because my muse is always changing moods just like myself, so I might draw something NIMH or GMD one moment then suddenly change and begin drawing 3D stuff, so heads up. XDD

Also since I have no qualms about drawing adult oriented arts, it's best that you the viewer keep in mind that I'll draw stuff right up to the very limit of what's allowable here on DA, so if you're at all uncomfortable with sex or eroticism, perhaps it's best that you find someone else to watch. :XD: I won't hold it against you. If however you're a perv, like moi... :iconhurrplz: Welcome to my gallery and enjoy the show?!

Current Residence: Terra o.O
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Uh small I think. O.o
Print preference: not sure? O.O
Favourite genre of music: ditto
Favourite photographer: ditto
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Operating System: Win7 baby!! >: D
MP3 player of choice: iPod =3
Shell of choice: Taco shells xD
Wallpaper of choice: various =)
Skin of choice: the soft skin between one's thighs. >:3
Favourite cartoon character: 2 hard 2 choose! =O
Personal Quote: Rated H for everyone! >:3

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You have the same name as me. :D
NezumiYuki 23 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awe yeah, high fives Heather! :iconbrohoofplz:
Would you like to participate in my Art Jam? It's Minerva Mink, related.
NezumiYuki 22 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sounds fun!!!!!!!! Hehehehh okay I'll see if I can fit in some Minerva between life and other stuff! =D
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*sneaks up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist*  Hello there, Yuki~ *kisses the nape of your neck*
NezumiYuki 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*turns around and gives you a friendly huggle* Hi hi choco mousie, how ya doing? :glomp:
Doing well, snowy rat.  And I hope you're the same?  :huggle:
NezumiYuki 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes I'm fine too, good to hear you are well! *double glomp* :glomp: :glomp:
(1 Reply)
Dawning-Of-Desire2 3 days ago  New member Professional Digital Artist
Good news. I'm back. Bad news, I forgot the two passwords to my old e-mail addy as well as the password to my old art web site wich has the majority of my art on it. So, If you want to see more art from me you have to come see my new DA page.
NezumiYuki 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well hello there, hope you're well? =D
Are you still being a mischievous ratty? :giggle:
Fair enough love, I'll watch your new page, and it's good to see you back too! :wave:
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