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You know that thing I've mentioned recently about cleaning out my inbox so I could better keep up with fresh incoming comments, replies, correspondences and Favs?  Welp... I totally forgot that I did this thing... until someone brought it to my attention via a fav... and welp...

Creamy X Shy by NezumiYuki

:iconthepyroplz: Burn it!!!

In self defense... I did actually think this was pretty good back then, but as I've also mentioned recently in
Growth as an artistHave you progressed to the point whereby looking back at some of your old works you ask yourself
I think I've gotten to that point... :XD:
For amusement I've taken a stroll down memory lane, looking back at some of my early stuff and my reaction was just like Jean Luc's... :XD: Now that's not to say I'm doing a gallery cleaning and removing said crappy old arts.. That would defeat the purpose of having something of an archive gallery, but on the flip side to all this, in between projects I'm thinking of revisiting my old stuff again for the laughs, and as a measure of how far I've come. :la:
I am curious however, how many of you look back at some of your early arts and your mind warps looking at it? :XD:

My growth as an artist has come to the point where some SOME of my older works make me wonder what the blue fuck was I thinking? :XD:

Okay now, trying to be objectively critical about that pict of Fluttershy with my persona Creamypie without barfing all over the place... ahem*

The size relations between either character are WAY off with Flutters being significantly larger than Creamypie, which was intended to a degree since Creamy and I are rather small women, but yowzers... the differences between those mares now that my critical eye has developed... laskjflsakjlfsajkldjlfasjfljksa :icongrumpy-catplz: NO... I can do better than that!

The perspective could also use a shit ton of work!... I need to remember that a vanishing point that low to the characters will skew everything in view. The bed, the patters on the sheets, and even the headboard look tooooooo parallel... They need to skew with perspective.

And lastly... Anatomy... OH MY FUCK it's so horrible... Pyro... Ute!!!!

:iconthepyroplz: Ute shimasu!!! :iconshoopdaplz::iconwhoopplz:

So yea... I have some projects currently in my queue waiting for attention, but my side projects aren't as pressing so I'm dropping this into my To-Do-List ahead of anything else other than my important arts for friends and such. I can't let that horrible piece of shyte exist in my gallery any longer... and I can't let the Pon fans think this is the best that I can do... Clearly NOT... I can and AM able to do better so for the sake of Pon fans everywhere I really really need to redo "Creamy Shy" :XD: Fuck it's so horrible I wish I could Nuke that deviation right now!

:iconthepyroplz: Again?!

:fear: No no no wait.. You'll torch the rest of my gallery if you do! Lemme shoot it with the Yamato after I beam it to space when I make the proper replacement for that god awful thing!

:iconthepyroplz: LoL alright boss, your call.
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NezumiYuki's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Name: Yuki Nezumi
Age: IDE.. Indeterminate in earth years.
Sex: Female
Occupation: Freelance Furry Manga ka, and NIMH witch.
Residence: Earth, Luna, Mars, Pluto, Eros, outer Oort cloud realm, and SOL in general.
Likes: Fellow furs, fur arts and anime.
Dislikes: Not having enough time to look up fur arts and anime.

About the Artist:

Requests status: Closed
Art Trades: Closed
Paid commissions: Closed for now until I can get myself squared away, set up a payment method, etc.

My fandoms are varied with a wide range of topics from classic American cartoons like Bugs Bunny, to classic and contemporary anime, as well as CGI animation like stuff from Pixar.

I draw mostly furs, specifically anything related to ecchi and mild hentai, but I've also been known to dabble in 3D arts as well, mirroring my tastes in all sorts of arts. My ultimate goal is to become proficient enough in the 3D realm to create 3D anthromorphs of my personage, original characters, as well as making some 3D furries for my close DA friends and DA family. ^ ^

Be careful if you decided to watch me for any particular subject, like say MLP themed arts or NIMH, or American Tail, or Great Mouse Detective, because my muse is always changing moods just like myself, so I might draw something NIMH or GMD one moment then suddenly change and begin drawing 3D stuff, so heads up. XDD

Also since I have no qualms about drawing adult oriented arts, it's best that you the viewer keep in mind that I'll draw stuff right up to the very limit of what's allowable here on DA, so if you're at all uncomfortable with sex or eroticism, perhaps it's best that you find someone else to watch. :XD: I won't hold it against you. If however you're a perv, like moi... :iconhurrplz: Welcome to my gallery and enjoy the show?!

Current Residence: Terra o.O
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Uh small I think. O.o
Print preference: not sure? O.O
Favourite genre of music: ditto
Favourite photographer: ditto
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Operating System: XP still kicks ass!! >: D
MP3 player of choice: iPod =3
Shell of choice: Taco shells xD
Wallpaper of choice: various =)
Skin of choice: the soft skin between one's thighs. >:3
Favourite cartoon character: 2 hard 2 choose! =O
Personal Quote: Rated H for everyone! >:3

Journal History


R100 by NezumiYuki
Brought out by a conversion with :iconmensjedezeemeermin: this is Her Majesty's Airship R100. Together with competing design, the R101, they were to serve as the airborne equivalent of steam ships for the British Empire, connecting her with her colonies of India, northern Africa, and so forth in early to mid 1020's.

Admittedly I began work on the failed ship, the R101 first due to having more ready reference images to work with, however given the choice, I would much rather have flown in the R100 for a number of reasons, foremost of which, safety!

While both ships had their share of growing pains, R101 under the guidance of impatient Lord Christopher Thomson perhaps seen more misfortune than Barnes Wallis' R100. True that R100 had difficulty with poor weather on her voyage to Canada, Thomson's political climbing was reflected by his choices for R101's fitting. R101 was grossly overweight due to British manufacturers being unable to design and build a suitably light diesel engine for project 101, so to compensate, R101 was cut down the middle, and additional gas cells and hull rings were riveted into place, making her already dodgy construction all the more. And as fate would have it, Lord Thomson's impatient flight to Inida meant R101's doom when she met similar harsh weather over France, ripping open her outer skin, drenching her gas cells with soaking rain, and ripping them open with buffeting winds! R101's more radical design meant she was rather uneasy in flight, and with her forward gas cells ruined by the weather, she began to crash dive Earthward having lost a good portion of her buoyancy.  The rest is unfortunate history.

Worse still, the unfortunate demise of R101 coupled with a lack of financial backers and inability to keep R100 aloft meant the entire Royal Airship program had to be abandoned. So not only had Thomson doomed himself and his ship, but his political climbing and impatience also doomed poor R100... A great pity indeed! R100 could have been Britain's Graf Zeppelin had politics and fate been kinder to her! =(

So then to remember both ships with, once I have completed R100, I shall place them together in a diorama at Cardington Bedfordshire England next to their sheds. =D

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