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Maximillian Nezumi - TMI meme

Taken from Evanescence412, 13foxywolf666, Groovy-Gecko, and others whom I may have missed here.

In this TMI session we shall learn a bit about Maximillian mah STUD ratty!

I shall now hand over this text meme to him. =D


1. What is your true age?
To be honest, indeterminate... My wife and I have time skipped so often that an exact chronological measurement of how long I have been around the Universe is difficult at best... Even the good Doctor says he's flabbergasted how long I've been around... From appearance alone, I would say that I'm in my early 40's.. say 43 because that was my last known true age before our incident in deep space that changed Yuki and I forever.

2. Do you have any health problems?
Delayed development to an extent. I hit puberty just like any Joe average, sprouted thick fur where the sun rarely see, but from 13 through my late 20's, almost into my early 30's my development came in slow spurts. Other than that I'd say I'm perfectly healthy... Although my wifu seems to think my delayed development was a blessing in disguise! Having said delayed maturing, now in my 40's I'm about a potent as an average Joe would be in his 20's... and that keeps my little wify very happy! =D

3. What is one thing you fear?
Being treated as aliens or god-like beings to be feared all due to my quantum black hole powers.

4. What is your full name?
Maximillian James Nezumi.

5. What is your real gender?
Male, although on occasions I've used my cosmic twisting abilities to gender swap for the lols! :XD:

6. Are you hiding something?
Yes... All black holes hide secrets... It's due to quantum uncertainty. :XD:

Your Life

1. How would you describe your life right now?
Interesting, to say the least. There still much about the Universe that even I and Yuki have yet to discover.

2. What is one thing you can't sleep without?
My Lolicon Wify! :iconhurrplz:
Yuki: You filthy hebo! :heart:

3. Are you creepy?
Yuki: I like where this is going!! :heart:

4. Do you collect anything weird?
Constantly... You see, when you are a super massive black hole the size of a local cluster, you tend to drag along with you dust, gas, and occasional star systems if you are not careful enough to cancel out your gravitational wave emmissions. :XD:

5. Are you emo?
Slightly... You can get rather paranoid when you are tending to matters on the other side of the Universe, and you loose contact with your wife on the other side for whatever the reason... Dark matter patch drifing between the two of you, and your telepathic connection is affected... or say other natural black holes bending your mind link just as they would light rays... It's not comfortable at all...being out of touch with your loved one!

6. Do you ever cut yourself and why?
No. I may be slightly emo, but that's due to insecurity feelings about loosing my wify in this vast Universe of stars.

7. Ever think of suicide?
No, but how does one kill one self when you're quite capable of Nomming a whole galaxy, and even doing that, you're not likely to even get a case of gas... LAWL gas... I think only Stephen Hawking, Kip Thorne, or Neil Tyson would catch that inside joke? =/

8. Do you ever cuss and swear?
All the FUCKS!!!
Every the times, fuckers! :XD:

Sex Life

1. Do you have any fetishes?
I have a kink for young females, and the scientific classification of such would be hebephilia… which is not as repulsive as true pedophilia! Any fucker who gets his jollies off sodomising pre-pubescent females is a total TOOL in my book, and deserves to be shot... Preferably by my ships of the line space dreadnoughts!!!

2. Have you ever had sex before?
This might be rather obvious, yes. :XD:

3. Who do you want to eat out go down on?
I'd tap Teresa Brisby in a heart beat!
Yuki: You already do... repeatedly you bastard! :heart:
Max: Shhhh common love, let's try to keep that a secret between us?
Yuki: Too late love, everybody knows about this now! =D
Max: :iconheaddeskplz:
Yuki: What?! You've already said you have no problems with being a Hebo?
Max: You're right. :hug:
Yuki: Well aren't you going to continue?
Max: Ahem* Mrs. Elizabeth Brisby...
Yuki: Wait.. she's not..
Max: Yes she isn't, but I never said that I wouldn't look at any girl over 18, now did I? :mwahaha:
Yuki: touche!
Max: ahem* Tanya Mousekewitz, Miss Kitty Mouse, Gadget Hackwrench, etc. =D

4. Do you masterbate?
Yes but not too often.
Yuki: That's because I'm there to take care of his needs! ;)
Max: And I'm going to take care of your "needs" any second now, if you keep this up young lady! :heart:

5. How often do you participate in intercourse?
Yuki: I will answer this one. :giggle: As much as we fucking well can! :heart:

6. Ever had oral?
:iconhurrplz: And I give as good as I get too!

7. Ever kissed anyone?
Seriously? This needs to be asked considering how I've answered above? :XD:

8. What things turn you on?
Compassion, intelligence, an awesome sense of humor, not being a total ass about things, and a hot little body begging to be...
Yuki: Whoa tiger.. You might be comfortable being a, and being called a hebo, but I don't think EVERYONE is comfortable with the subject.. Let's just say a hot little lady of nubile age?
Max: That will suffice! =D

9. What things turn you off?
Ignorance or stupidity, hypocrisy, trolls.

10. Ever fantasize about your crush?
*stares at her with malicious intent*
Yuki: *blushes like crazy*

Friends and Family

1. Do you honestly love your friends/family?
Of course! Family is family after all. =D

2. Do you have a crush on any of your friends?
No not that I'm aware of.

3. Do you have a crush on any of your best friends?
Nope, because I married her! ;)

4. Are you always there for your family when they need you?
If at all possible!

5. Have you ever been betrayed by a best friend?
No... although I would say I have been pranked by her on occasion.. but that was for pranking that snowy white scamp real good! :XD:

6. Do you have any family who have no contact with you?
Sadly many... Yuki and I are sort of like the Doctor, in that we are the last of our family line.. so many have passed on to the other side of the Universe, and others of our extended family have quitely gone out of touch with us, but that's no fur off our backs.. If needed, we could find out how they are doing. :iconlunashrugplz:


1. Are you straight?
As a lazor.

2. Are you bisexual?
See above.
3. Are you homosexual?

4. Are you pansexual?
See above.

5. Are you asexual?

6. Are you transgendered?
Nope unless you count gender bending spells?.. =D

7. Are you queer?
I thought I've answered this in above number three? :confused:

Your Future Life

1. Will you get married one day?
Am and loving it! :heart:
Yuki: :glomp: :heart:

2. Where do you want to live?
Home is where the heart is!.. In other words, orbit around Terra(Earth) either on Luna(Moon) or along with the ISS in any of our cruisers or dreads.

3. Who do you wanna spend forever with?
*snuggles the white ratty rat*
Yuki: *snugs back hard*

4. Do you want kids some day?
Looks at each other* *mutual agreement reached* A dozen would be wonderful!

:heart: Rats gonna be rats and all! :iconhurrplz:

5. How would you describe your 'dream mate'?
See above.

6. Where do you wanna have a honeymoon?
Already had a wonderful one, however for a second or third, planetary orbit

would do nicely! =D

Your Dreams and You

1. Do you ever write down any of your dreams?
No but making notes of them for future reference does come in handy.

2. Do you ever have vivid nightmares?
Definitely... I wouldn't call falling into that black hole that I am now a

joy ride. =(

3. Do you ever dream of yourself as someone else?
The good Doctor is a candidate, however considering how we mutualy treat each other with mild distain and distrust, I can't really answer that.

4. How many dreams have you had about your crush/someone you love deeply?
A number of times, and each of them were quite hurrr, if you know what I mean?

5. Do you ever dream of past events?
No not realy, because wify and I can actually go and see them if we like. =D

6. Are your family/friends ever in your dreams?
Sometimes yes, and they are usually quite pleasent. =)

7. Where do most of your dreams take place (as in setting of the dream)?
 See above number four. :iconhurrplz:

8. What is one thing you have had the most dreams about? (besides a crush)
Does this really need to be asked? :XD: See above!

9. Who is mostly in your dreams every night?
Wify, Terry Brisby, Elizabeth Bris. =D

10. Do you ever wake up crying from a dream?
To be blunt yes... I almost lost Yuki in our incident... It was a stupid mistake to begin with, but I thought that if I could just fling her away on my last orbit of the BH before crossing the event horizon, I might boost her orbital velocity just enough to where she could survive this mess, but I ended up simply tossing her into an adjacent hole where she could have died!.. We still don't know what the mechanics behind our survivial were, but she and I ended up as the holes we fell into.. and luckily I had not lost her despite my heroic fail. =D

1. What are you doing at this moment?
Answering this meme? :XD:

2. Talking to anyone?
Yuki. =D

3. Eating?
Cinnibons FTW! =D

4. Doing something naughty?
We will be soon! ;)

5. Reading?
This journal meme? :XD:

6. Sleeping?
How the blue fuck could I be doing this if I was asleep?! Seriously?!

7. What are you wearing?
Jeans and a shirt, nothing special. *head tilt*

8. Music?
Well Yuki has Girls und Panzer running on firefox, so I guess I'm listening to that while typing this up... and according to that tab, it's Girls und Panzer - British Grenadiers 10 minute loop. :XD:

9. Surroundings?
Den with the computer and wify. =D

10. Where are you?
Home with said wify! :snuggle:
Yuki: :glomp:

I tag:
No one because I don't know how you guys go about this tagging thing on dA, and besides of which she's the artist, I'm just the household Mr. Fix-it and source of male proteins! XDDDDDD I don't know any of you guys, but from what I've heard, you're all a friendly bunch, so rock on! =D


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Name: Yuki Nezumi
Age: IDE.. Indeterminate in earth years.
Sex: Female
Occupation: Freelance Furry Manga ka, and NIMH witch.
Residence: Earth, Luna, Mars, Pluto, Eros, outer Oort cloud realm, and SOL in general.
Likes: Fellow furs, fur arts and anime.
Dislikes: Not having enough time to look up fur arts and anime.

About the Artist:

Requests status: Closed
Art Trades: Closed
Paid commissions: Closed for now until I can get myself squared away, set up a payment method, etc.

My fandoms are varied with a wide range of topics from classic American cartoons like Bugs Bunny, to classic and contemporary anime, as well as CGI animation like stuff from Pixar.

I draw mostly furs, specifically anything related to ecchi and mild hentai, but I've also been known to dabble in 3D arts as well, mirroring my tastes in all sorts of arts. My ultimate goal is to become proficient enough in the 3D realm to create 3D anthromorphs of my personage, original characters, as well as making some 3D furries for my close DA friends and DA family. ^ ^

Be careful if you decided to watch me for any particular subject, like say MLP themed arts or NIMH, or American Tail, or Great Mouse Detective, because my muse is always changing moods just like myself, so I might draw something NIMH or GMD one moment then suddenly change and begin drawing 3D stuff, so heads up. XDD

Also since I have no qualms about drawing adult oriented arts, it's best that you the viewer keep in mind that I'll draw stuff right up to the very limit of what's allowable here on DA, so if you're at all uncomfortable with sex or eroticism, perhaps it's best that you find someone else to watch. :XD: I won't hold it against you. If however you're a perv, like moi... :iconhurrplz: Welcome to my gallery and enjoy the show?!

Current Residence: Terra o.O
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Uh small I think. O.o
Print preference: not sure? O.O
Favourite genre of music: ditto
Favourite photographer: ditto
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Operating System: Win7 baby!! >: D
MP3 player of choice: iPod =3
Shell of choice: Taco shells xD
Wallpaper of choice: various =)
Skin of choice: the soft skin between one's thighs. >:3
Favourite cartoon character: 2 hard 2 choose! =O
Personal Quote: Rated H for everyone! >:3

Journal History


Marki-toe by NezumiYuki
Here's a quick scribble to round out my current Mistletoe theme that I've been doing this holiday season.

This goes out to the Markiplier Fans and especially the FanGirls, to whom which Marki has a question for you!

"Who wants a kiss... under the Marki-toe?" ;)

Go on ladies, we all knew we wanna!


Markiplier is Mark Edward Fischbach the rowdy gaming youtuber…
FanGurl Artz by moi :iconnezumiyuki:
Dun im :iconpainttoolsai:

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