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Lovers of rodent anthro artwork!
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Huz to the fucking ZAH, y'all!!! :iconlunahuzzahplz: I think I might have some time off starting tomorrow.. so.. oh fuck where to begin? Soooo much unfinished crap it makes me sad! =(

But damnit I got some me time!! I can't let the sadness of unfinished arts weigh me down! :iconshakestickplz: Gotta ovary up and carry on!

On a related note, I'm gonna try to take advantage of this wee bit of "me time" to work on Xmas art too since well... gee... I wonder if I can come up with something for this Thursday in time? :iconimthinkingplz:

Okay well don't want to jinx myself.. Lemme just get to my comp + tablet and let things roll from there!

:salute: Panzer vor!! :tank: 
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Mario kart sound tracks! =D
  • Reading: the web for a good GameCube emulate
  • Watching: Mario Kart on youtube
  • Playing: Mario Kart Double Dash =D
  • Eating: Red and Blue Koopa shells, and stars
  • Drinking: Dr Pepper


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Name: Yuki Nezumi
Age: IDE.. Indeterminate in earth years.
Sex: Female
Occupation: Freelance Furry Manga ka, and NIMH witch.
Residence: Earth, Luna, Mars, Pluto, Eros, outer Oort cloud realm, and SOL in general.
Likes: Fellow furs, fur arts and anime.
Dislikes: Not having enough time to look up fur arts and anime.

About the Artist:

Requests status: Closed
Art Trades: Closed
Paid commissions: Closed for now until I can get myself squared away, set up a payment method, etc.

My fandoms are varied with a wide range of topics from classic American cartoons like Bugs Bunny, to classic and contemporary anime, as well as CGI animation like stuff from Pixar.

I draw mostly furs, specifically anything related to ecchi and mild hentai, but I've also been known to dabble in 3D arts as well, mirroring my tastes in all sorts of arts. My ultimate goal is to become proficient enough in the 3D realm to create 3D anthromorphs of my personage, original characters, as well as making some 3D furries for my close DA friends and DA family. ^ ^

Be careful if you decided to watch me for any particular subject, like say MLP themed arts or NIMH, or American Tail, or Great Mouse Detective, because my muse is always changing moods just like myself, so I might draw something NIMH or GMD one moment then suddenly change and begin drawing 3D stuff, so heads up. XDD

Also since I have no qualms about drawing adult oriented arts, it's best that you the viewer keep in mind that I'll draw stuff right up to the very limit of what's allowable here on DA, so if you're at all uncomfortable with sex or eroticism, perhaps it's best that you find someone else to watch. :XD: I won't hold it against you. If however you're a perv, like moi... :iconhurrplz: Welcome to my gallery and enjoy the show?!

Current Residence: Terra o.O
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Uh small I think. O.o
Print preference: not sure? O.O
Favourite genre of music: ditto
Favourite photographer: ditto
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Operating System: Win7 baby!! >: D
MP3 player of choice: iPod =3
Shell of choice: Taco shells xD
Wallpaper of choice: various =)
Skin of choice: the soft skin between one's thighs. >:3
Favourite cartoon character: 2 hard 2 choose! =O
Personal Quote: Rated H for everyone! >:3

Journal History


EDF Andromeda .skp by NezumiYuki
EDF Andromeda .skp
Better previews here
Andro and Comet BB
<da:thumb id="329934560">

And here's Andro tan... Enjoy! :la:

Yamato = Matsumoto.. Let's face it.. we all know it true! :nod:
SKP by moi
Comet Empire BB .skp by NezumiYuki
Comet Empire BB .skp
For a better preview image, please have a look at this. =D
Andro and Comet BB

The backbone of the White Comet Empire's fleet, this is the Bringer of Victory class fast battleship.

Again native SketchUp format so hit download and enjoy! :salute:

Yamato yada yada Matsumoto!!! :salute:
SketchUpz by moi
Spirit Of Gamilon .skp by NezumiYuki
Spirit Of Gamilon .skp
Emperor Desslok, or Dessler if you prefer, command cruiser in the 2nd season of Star Blazers "Uchuu senkan Yamato"

For a more detailed preview image, have a look at this deviation. =D
The Spirit Of Gamilon

Native SketchUp format so download, and enjoy! :la:


Again Uchuu senkan Yamato by whoevers... but we all know Reiji san is Father! :salute:
SketchUp stufs by moi
EDF-UNCF-Hood class cruiser .skp by NezumiYuki
EDF-UNCF-Hood class cruiser .skp
For a more detailed preview image of this cruiser, please visit this deviation
<da:thumb id="438145145">

This is my Comet Empire campaign Earth Defense Forces / United Nations Cosmo Fleet Hood class battle cruiser in her native .skp format for everyone to enjoy! =D

Yamato... Hasshin! :salute:


Uchuu senkan Yamato = whomever owns the franchise now.. but to me Sensei Reiji Matsumoto will always be Yama tan's father! :salute:
SketchUp model by moi

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