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LAWL whut?! and or HUZZAH!! :iconlunahuzzahplz: dA finally got around to allowing comment editing! :iconkermityayplz:

In other news... Holy smores... This early winter for this season looks pretty rowdy! :fear: I hope you guys can stay warm and safe? :hug:

More random: Still busy.. not much art time for moi :grump: How are things with you artisans? :hug:

Still hoping to make some holiday arts tho!

Anyhooo take care you guys, again stay safe and keep warm! :glomp:
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  • Listening to: Mario kart sound tracks! =D
  • Reading: the web for a good GameCube emulate
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  • Playing: Mario Kart Double Dash =D
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Name: Yuki Nezumi
Age: IDE.. Indeterminate in earth years.
Sex: Female
Occupation: Freelance Furry Manga ka, and NIMH witch.
Residence: Earth, Luna, Mars, Pluto, Eros, outer Oort cloud realm, and SOL in general.
Likes: Fellow furs, fur arts and anime.
Dislikes: Not having enough time to look up fur arts and anime.

About the Artist:

Requests status: Closed
Art Trades: Closed
Paid commissions: Closed for now until I can get myself squared away, set up a payment method, etc.

My fandoms are varied with a wide range of topics from classic American cartoons like Bugs Bunny, to classic and contemporary anime, as well as CGI animation like stuff from Pixar.

I draw mostly furs, specifically anything related to ecchi and mild hentai, but I've also been known to dabble in 3D arts as well, mirroring my tastes in all sorts of arts. My ultimate goal is to become proficient enough in the 3D realm to create 3D anthromorphs of my personage, original characters, as well as making some 3D furries for my close DA friends and DA family. ^ ^

Be careful if you decided to watch me for any particular subject, like say MLP themed arts or NIMH, or American Tail, or Great Mouse Detective, because my muse is always changing moods just like myself, so I might draw something NIMH or GMD one moment then suddenly change and begin drawing 3D stuff, so heads up. XDD

Also since I have no qualms about drawing adult oriented arts, it's best that you the viewer keep in mind that I'll draw stuff right up to the very limit of what's allowable here on DA, so if you're at all uncomfortable with sex or eroticism, perhaps it's best that you find someone else to watch. :XD: I won't hold it against you. If however you're a perv, like moi... :iconhurrplz: Welcome to my gallery and enjoy the show?!

Current Residence: Terra o.O
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Uh small I think. O.o
Print preference: not sure? O.O
Favourite genre of music: ditto
Favourite photographer: ditto
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Operating System: Win7 baby!! >: D
MP3 player of choice: iPod =3
Shell of choice: Taco shells xD
Wallpaper of choice: various =)
Skin of choice: the soft skin between one's thighs. >:3
Favourite cartoon character: 2 hard 2 choose! =O
Personal Quote: Rated H for everyone! >:3

Journal History


Brisby Girls by NezumiYuki
Brisby Girls
Found some more "Me" time, and this was the result. =D

For LoLz, I've age regressed Mrs Elizabeth Brisby to half her age in the books and the movie, and in her current condition of utter cuteness, you'd be forgiven for thinking of mother and daughter as being sisters. :XD:

Ain't young Eliz cute? :iconomgsocuteplz:

On a serious note, this was more Paint Tool SAI practice for me, and if I haven't already said so, I'm saying it NOW...

I :heart: SAI!!

I mean look at this!!

You could say that I've Pen-Tool vectored this in PhotoShop... But I haven't!  This was done free hand in SAI!

The trick was that I found a "Stabilizer" setting that suited my drawing style the best, and occasionally I reduced or increased the tolerance of the damper* damper being the stabilizer* to suit my needs, and hot dang... This shit looks gooooooooooooood! :la:

If at all possible from now on I'm working in SAI for all of my lines and then importing to PhotoShop for the coloring and finalizing because speed is key even for a hobbyist artist like myself who's short on time, so yeah, SAI rocks! :XD:

Also fun time practice was sorely needed! I hope I can find more opportunities like this in the future. =D

Anyhow, please enjoy the young Brisby girls.


The Brisby girls are owned respectively to Don Bluth and Robert C. O'brien
Practice doodle by moi :iconnezumiyuki:
Art app used: :iconpainttoolsaiplz: OMG I love this app!! :heart:
Chat friendly 50x50 Muffin La

because Derpy

und Muffins


Uchuu senkan Yamato SKP by NezumiYuki
Uchuu senkan Yamato SKP
This is a test to see if I can use DeviantArt as another file distribution site for my SketchUp models.

See... Lately the has been acting goofy with minor annoying errors such as preview images gone missing, or other things like files reported as being missing or marked Private when I know for certain I've never made them Private models... so with the hopes of avoiding headaches on my part, I'm testing to see of dA's Resources category can be used for other 3D models besides Miya, Blender, and the like.. If so then I'll be uploading all of my models which I've deem important to me here, beginning with the EDF - UNCF - Yamato.

For those not familiar with my works, I'm Sketchy @ Best over in the 3Dwarehouse, and I'm one of the few fan modelers who took up the task of making a representation of Leiji Matsumoto's "Classic" battleship Yamato in sketchup. So far my works have been popular and the current copyright holders of the Yamato franchise have not made a fuss about my fan made 3D model, and I'm pleased everyone is enjoying it... However aforementioned headaches of dealing with the warehouse prompts me to seek other sites in which to share my works with everyone, thus dA makes a likely candidate since I've used my dA page as a place for large high detail preview images of my models, not currently available over in the warehouse.

To use my model, simply download the ZIP file to the directory of your choice, probably your default "Downloads" folder, Double click the zip to open, extract the skp to the directory of your choice, desktop is a good choice, and auto lunch SketchUp with a double click of the .skp file. From there you can view and edit the model to your liking.

I'd prefer it if everyone directs other interested users to my dA page for a ZIP of their own rather than redistributing the zip you have as a safety precaution! I don't mind folks editing my models since they are all fan made and such, but I would rather NOT be held responsible for spreading malware, so please, direct anyone interested to my dA page so they can down load a malware free ZIP of their own. =)

And a bit of paranoia isn't a bad thing, so please by all means scan the zip you've downloaded from dA with your security suite, just to be safe! :salute:

Okay ramble description dun. Enjoy my SketchUp model Uchuu senkan Yamato! :la:


Uchuu Yamato by whomever holds the rights to it now, but originally Yamato was, and to me will ALWAYS BE works of Leiji Matsumoto! :salute:
SKP model by moi :iconnezumiyuki: aka Sketchy @ Best

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